History of Science Journalism

Centre Room

Fictional 3D representation of an entrance hall with five doors. There is a date above each door. One can see the 1870 door, the 1920 door, the 1945 door, the 1970 door and the 1990 door. Each door leads to another room.

When entering the hall for the first time, an introduction video is presented. In it, a young woman explains where you are, what you will see and what you must do to visit the rooms.

Following is the scenario of the opening video

Image Description
Science journalist of item that speaks directly to the Internet Host presenting the site. She is dressed in red in the style of 2008. She speaks to the camera and the decor behind her features the five doors.
Hello and welcome! to the website on the history of science journalism.
I am pleased to welcome you to this virtual exhibit since I myself am a journalist.
You are at the right location to begin exploring the website.
From this room, you may access the five doors that you see to discover five historic periods of science journalism from 1870 to present days...
Our exhibit allows you to travel through time, but at absolutely no risk, as you shall see! And you can always return here when you wish.
So off you go, I need to get back to work. Enjoy your tour of the site!

Following is a list of objects:

Image Description
Plaque in honour of Brother Marie-Victorin

Plaque in honour of Brother Marie-Victorin

Photo of a plaque in honour of Brother Marie-Victorin Material: metal. Dimensions: 25 cm x 37 cm x 3 cm

Year: Mid 20th Century
NAC: 1994.37094.1

Collection of Musée de la civilisation

Pedal press

Pedal press

Photo of a pedal press Cropperette

Year: Around 1890
NAC: 95-99

Collection of Musée de la civilisation