History of Science Journalism


Fictional 3D representation of a journalist's office from 1970 to 1990. The office has four walls.

The back wall (wall 1) has three large windows.
The desk is along the left wall (wall 2).
Furniture with objects rests along the right wall (wall 4).
The wall behind you (wall 3) has the door through which you entered the room.

The style is modern with a solid beige wall around the windows. The other walls are painted in shades of beige and highlighted by two horizontal stripes in orange and yellow. The flooring is inlaid in relatively light tones. The mouldings are light coloured, and all the natural wood furnishings are dark toned. There is a ceiling light equipped with a fan.

Each of the walls features objects from the collection of the Musée de la civilisation.

Click on each of the images representing these four walls to see the corresponding objects.